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  • Shakita Perryman, M.Ed

VIPKID is for the movers, the shakers, and the entrepreneurial cake makers!

Are you ambitious and searching for an opportunity to connect cultures?

Are you an entrepreneurial parent looking for ways to make money from home?

Do you miss the joy of teaching and want to impact the next generation?

Do you have at minimum a Bachelor's Degree in any field?

If you answered yest to any of these questions, then VIPKID is the job for you. Use my unique code (02Z8P1) or follow the link to APPLY. Then, contact me today! Let me be your coach and let's get you hired!

VIPKID is how I make additional money on the side to supplement our income. It's easy and I do it in the comfort of my own home, or car, or wherever I am. There have been many misconceptions about working for the company, but I promise I can help ANYONE succeed!

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