• Shakita Perryman

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holidays

  1. Use the kitchen as a learning tool

  • Read cookbooks together

  • Write shopping lists with words or pictures

  • Find the grocery items at the store by reading signs and labels

  • Cook together

  1. Get out and about

  • Let kids help plan a family outing

  • Sightsee or explore something new in your city

  • Attend free events like local concerts, plays, or museums

  1. Make the most of holiday travel

  • Test geography knowledge by calling out all 50 states (or make a song of it)

  • Identify & count the number of different colored cars

  • Find license plates from different states

  • Guess the time it will take to get to different destinations. Set the timer and GO!

  • Listen to audio books

  1. Mix up their reading routine

  • Pick out some holiday-themed books to read by the fireplace, your Christmas tree or make a nice cozy pillow fort

  • Read and sing the lyrics to holiday songs. Then, create your own!

  1. Connect with family

  • Use Old family photographs to start a story-telling tradition.

  • Improve writing skills with notes or letters to relatives and friends

  • Play a board game with family to sharpen thinking skills

  • Shed some of those holiday pounds with a family workout

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