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  • Shakita Perryman

💚How Reading Aloud Encourages Young Readers💛

Reading aloud to children has many benefits. I know that my love for reading can be traced back to the amazing stories that were read aloud to me by my elementary school teachers. I remember being enamored by their whimsical portrayal of each character. The changing of their voices. The words that came alive on the page.

Because I understand the importance of reading with children, I want to share my love with you. I'll be hosting weekly read alouds on YouTube. I will feature some of my favorite and beloved titles.

But not only that! I'll also provide a link for you to purchase the book and extension activities that you can do at home with your children.

My goal is ensure all children have a love for reading and a life-long desire to learn. I also want to equip parents with additional tools and resources to support their little learners!

Below are some of the many benefits of reading aloud to children. •Develops stronger vocabulary

•Builds connections between the spoken and written word

•Provides enjoyment

•Increases attention span

•Strengthens cognition

•Teaches how to navigate social situations and solve problems

So, no matter who does the reading, get started today!


Shakita Perryman, M.Ed

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